Monday, August 10, 2009

Sassorosso Italian Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Let's see... hmmm... My previous blog was Feb....
What???!!! Feb???!!! Ophssss...
What a lazy mel... -_-!!!
Ok... I think i gotta clear up some pics in my laptop...
By starting to force myself to update at least one post a day ^^

Back to Sassorosso.
For old friens belated birthday celebration, we picked this lovely Italian Restaurant.
Love the pieceful and quiet environment.
We were there for lunch.
A antpasti buffet follow by a main course, then dessert and coffee.
Price at Rm46 + 15% tax
For details:

Complementary bread + olive oil & Balsamic.
Um, we think the balsamic was too lil :p
But it was great though... warm and fresh ... Yum...

The we proceed to the antipasti buffet, the spread was pretty good...
But I only had a plate - one round ^^
Yea, wedding is around the corner, i have to watch out ^^
The mushroom was good, the cold meat was nice... not to mention about the fritata as I m egg lover. There are many more... like carpacio, salmon... yum~

Ok... If we follow the rules, the coffee should serve later, but coffee lover cant resist, and and for the coffee right after the antipasti ^^
Again, if you are there, you will see my happy smile...

4 of us, so we ordered the main that's available on the menu and share.
The lamb, the pizza (love the runny egg yolk in the middle) seafood, fettucine with chicken liver.
Ah... Pardon me as I cant provide the actual name that is written on the menu. Yea, I can't remember as it's been a while...

And lastly, the dessert - Panna Cotta with Salsa.
It was great...
Food was great, and its always great to hangout with olde friends (gossip about others :p)
Will never have enough ^^
Lovely afternoon, will definitely come back again...
Yea, next time with hubby ^^
Sassorosso Italian Restaurant
9 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 21 666 428

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