Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mille Crepe @ Winter Lover Bakery, Kota Damansara + Humble Beginning, Bangsar +

Mille Crepe is quite a big hit for sometime. 

I often visit Winter Lover Bakery House at Kota Damansara 
as it's nearest and convenient to me.
I was there for the first time during their first day of opening. 
Kiasu me :p was there at 12pm, 
being the first customer takeaway some of the mille crepe,
 which includes bailey, chesnut and strawberry. 
They were good... 
even for my in laws who hardly like cakes actually compliments about the cakes.

Then on and off, I visited a few times, and all times were takeaways.

Just before mid autumn this year, 
I visited and "dine in" for the first time with hubby and baby J.

I was fb-ing and noticed the status of Winter Lover Bakery House saying that the Mid Autumn Special are available that day. Ok, I was suppose to be good girl since I am preparing my stomach for my coming Malacca Trip. 

But... but... It's a mid autumn special, only available once a year... 
So... I left a comment and ask for reserve for one piece / each flavor, which are: Matcha Green Tea & Lotus Seed Paste, 
Black Sesame & Salted Egg Yolk, 
Mix Nuts & Red Bean Paste.

We happily depart from house after dinner to pick up our mille crepe at
Winter Lover Bakery House. 
Mr.Tan suggested to dine in instead of bring home 
since we decided to cancel our plan to One Utama. 


We were the only customer that evening.

I ordered a Beauty Flower Tea, something like that... I can't remember the exact name. Yes, I remember the word "BEAUTY" ^^ a beautiful pot with few types of dried flower in it, sooo lovely.... 

Mr.Tan had a strawberry drink which i didn't really like it. 
I found it too sweet to my liking. 
Or i should say it doesn't goes well with the mille crepe.

We had a piece for Almond Mille Crepe and 
The Black Sesame & Salted Egg Yolk Mille Crepe to share among three of us

The almond mille crepe was alright.

It actually taste not very fresh to me.
Now that I recall, it was the last piece on the display.
Hubby loves the black sesame with salted egg yolk mille crepe.

I agree with him, the combination is perfect.
And I like it that it's not overly sweet.

Baby J enjoyed the most among the three of us.
He is my boy, loves dessert like mommy.
Not to mention that there're rooms for him to run around.

A lovely night for the waisik's family.

I packed another 4 pieces of mille crepe (tiramisu + black sesame for in law's neighbour, black sesame + mix nuts red bean for papa and baby J since I will be away the next day to malacca)

Now, some of you might be wondering, is winter lover 's mille crepe as good as the infamous Nadeje in Malacca? I can't tell you that because I have not tasted Nadeje's mille crepe. What I can say is, there'are hits and missed for winter lover's mille crepe.

 I am not saying that their mille crepe is not good, but i find some of the mille crepe is rather sweet to my liking while some taste just great. So, yea... It's worth a visit but will only go for the few flavor I like. (so far, chestnut, baileys, rum & raisin win my heart)

Few weeks later, we ordered an oreo mille crepe from Humble Beginning for my bff Phoebe's birthday celebration. 

The initial plan was to get it from winter lover. But I was a lil upset that winter lover require me to do bank in as a deposit 3 days before they proceed with the order. I wasn't able to proceed with the bank in due to some personal reason and also tight schedule consider that it was a last min order. 

I was upset, being a loyal and supportive customer, I thought I would at least deserve a lil privilege for able to pay them during the collection of the cake. unfortunately.... I was being rejected. 

Well, honestly... they did nothing wrong, but... I am just not happy.

So after a lil google, I found Humble Beginning which provide online order service. A quick glance on the menu, I fell in love with what they have. 

It's convenient, it has variety of choice, I have an options to get them deliver to my doorsteps or self pick up conveniently located at bangsar, I love the options of being able to choose some fresh fruit toppings, and most importantly, It's Cheaper! I get 20% discount by using citibank credit card. ^^

We collected our cake from bangsar. There was a lil hiccup during the pick up, apparently humble beginning was located next to subway sandwich but it was too small that we tends to miss out the shop. So, if you happened to pick up the cake by urself, remember... find "SUBWAY" it's just beside it. 

Here we are... the oreo mille crepe with mango topping. 
Honestly, the mango topping were rather pale that makes it not very appetizing, 
I did a lil edit on the picture. My dissapointment immediate went off after a taste of the cake. It's yummilicious!!! creamy and smooth, not overly sweet... 
So... who cares if it doesn't look good. :D

I can't remember very well, I think I paid about RM70++ for a oreo mille crepe with mango topping and a cooler bag, which is at least RM30 cheaper than winter lover. 

SO, YES! I will definitely order cake from humble beginning again... ^^ I am eager to try thier blueberry and peanut butter crepe :p

Winter Lover Bakery House 冬の恋人ベーカリー
No. 22A-1, Jalan PJU 5/21, 
The Strand @ Kota Damansara, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon - Thu:12:00 pm-9:00 pm  Fri - Sun:12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Contact: 017-5996962
Facebook: Winter Lover Bakery House

Humble Beginnings
30, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 K.Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 8035


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, i read ur blog b4 i online purchased humble beginnings' mille crepe with my citibank card. Ended up i was charged by PayPal 4 times (4 x USD1 = USD4). Did that happen to u as well?

mel^^mel said...

Hi there. No... My charges for a cookies n cream mille crepe mango topping and a cold bag = RM8 with citibank cc I paid RM71.20 for everything. Its the only charges reflected in my cc statement.

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