Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mukha @ TTDI - Breakfast

Lovely Saturday morning. 
Janis invited me and my family for breakfast at this cozy cafe - Mukha at TTDI.
Been reading lots of good review about this place. 
And finally, I am here ^^
It is indeed a very comfortable place to hangout. 
Love the way they play around with the furniture, and deco.
Didn't manage to take lots of picture of the interior as I was busy with lil J and my camera didn't manage to capture nice picture in such a dim environment.

Okay... Here... The infamous and said to be the best Flat White  in Town...
It is!!!
Um... I am not a very coffee person, but yes... 
I like it. And Yes, one of the most preferred one ;)

And the Benedicts...

Egg Benedict with Salmon
Generous portion of salmon.... nom nom nom...

Egg Benedict with Bacon
Its the same as above but replace with bacon.

Scramble Eggs with Salmon
Creamy smooth scramble egg... I LIKE !!!

Rise n Shine
Basically the standard Big Breakfast~ 
You get sausage, mushroom, toast, tomato, and the egg you want.

And the sinfully 
Nutella Banana French Toast w Berry Coulis

Warning... Please get someone to share it with you...
It's big...
Checkout the amount of the "filling"

Everything is good, no complaint~
The thing we like the most are the bread. 
It's a lil crispy outside and chewy inside.
Wondering if their bread is homemade?
aw... so good that I feel like going again tomorrow :D

There's a lil bakery corner in the cafe - Souka.
They just open for business when we about to leave.
We were too full, but fret not... I'll be BACK !!!

Here's a Menu I download from Mukha's FB for your reference

15, Lrg Rahim Kajai 13,
Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail, 
60000 K.L
Business Hour:
 Tue-Thu 7.30am - 10pm
Fri 7.30 - 1pm *** 2pm - 12am
Sat 7.30am - 12am
Sun 7.30am - 10pm
Mon - Closed

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