Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Korea, Solaris Mon't Kiara

Back to March,
another birthday celebration for my buddy Jeannie that brought us to Little Korea at Solaris Mont Kiara. My very first time to this restaurant. The restaurant seems pretty busy and crowded. And I guess they are somehow lack of man power. The service was rather slow...

Look that's the pretty birthday girl, Jeannie ^^

As usual, we are served with many types of side dishes.
Remark: the side dishes are only allowed to refill for a few times.
Coz We actually love kimchi a lot when we ask for replenish the 3rd or 4th time,
the foreign worker actually told us "no more, this is last one" -_-!
while i can see other tables are still having, so i guess... we are asking too much huh?
Hmmm... I think in terms of bachan, i prefer daorae or Dae Sa Kwan. As they have unimited supply ^^

We ordered Pork Ribs for BBQ as Jeannie dont take beef.
Well, taste not bad...

Steamed Egg, Jeannie's favourite too ^^

The STAR of the night, Kimchi Hot pot.
This is so good, and we actually love the version at lil korea than Dae Sa Kwan or Daorae.
It's much more hot and spicy... but one thing.. portion is smaller ^^

As ending... we had the usual barley drink and watermelon.

Despite the service and the limited kimchi + banchan...
I think I will still come back for the Kim Chi Hot Pot.
Muahaha... Kimchi Lover ^^
After a satisfying meal, we walk from Little Korea to Mr.C 's Condo at Kiara Ville which is just 8 mins walking distance.

Lovely place... Love the gym room, love the security, love the swimming pool, love the kitchen (but a big waste for a man that doesnt utilize this kitchen), hmmm... now i know, why my condo cant compare to this one ^^ and now i knw why its is so expensive compare to mine :p

Great nite... everybody went home with a happy smile~

Little Korea
5-3, 7-3, 9-3
Jln Solaris
OneSolaris Mon't Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 7217


thule a.k.a leo said...

I still find Daorae the best bet for Korean BBQ... but recently I found out about a place for Korean food.. stay tuned!

mel^^mel said...

Leo, Looking forward... slurrrps...

Vivien said...

how much is the hotpot? looks quite big wor

mel^^mel said...

vivien, i think its about Rm60 or lesser if i m not mistaken...

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