Saturday, February 21, 2009

Star egg salad ^^

Hello people... Wassup???
I am really sorry for not updating my blog for so long.
Um... Yea, I am getting married this year end.

So no more good food for me, working very hard to loose some weight.

And here I would like to share one of my lunch recently.

My salad with egg and tuna.
And obviously the star of the day is my star shape egg.

Got this egg mould from bro in law.
He bought it from ebay for me.

Never had time to try on it, til few days ago,
was trying to make my salad look a little interesting ^^

The result was good ^^

alrite ppl, till then... take care...
I will still try to update my blog, please dont forget to visit my blog ya ~~~


Vivien said...

so cute, but taste the same right? hehe

thule a.k.a leo said...

interesting idea on how to mould your eggs... lol!!!
congratulations ok???

★ LazY GaL JoeY ★ said...

Hey girl .. once look at the salad that make by you .. looks great ya !!

Especialy the star shape egg .. so cute !!! I wanna eat ... hehe !!!!

mel^^mel said...

vivien, yes, taste absolutely the same, haha, but look a bit different lo ^^

leo, hehe, thanks... hugsss

Joey, I still have other shape... next time make one for u ok ;)

mimid3vils said...


Qmiao_miao said...

so cute!first time c someone mould the egg like tis...

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