Monday, February 11, 2008

My Detox Programme Juvanex - Day 5 to Day 7

hihi... Happy CNY to you~~~~
CNY so many good foods... I m sure most of you are just like me now, dont know the word "hungry" as i never have the chance to feel that :P

Before proceed with what I had during CNY, I guess I'll just complete my detox programme updates.

Day 5 to Day 7 was basically not much difference except I actually became not so discipline anymore ^^

Day 5
Morning, yogurt and a few bites G cheong fun for breakfast, skip lunch as i wasnt hungry. Detox drink half an hour later.

Nite, chicken rice ball from malacca (^-^ FH dabao frm malacca) small portion w chic breast. Love the yam one, as its more fragant. Detox drink half an hour later.
The time that i went NGNG today became lesser, texture firmer and floats. Color - healthy ^^

Day 6
I am suppose to accompany my dear sister to go UE3 to check out some wedding gown and bridesmate dress, but oh man~ It was so jam at Cat road that we decided to turn back and have lunch at Ipoh Road Yong Tao Foo. Yeah i skipped Breakfast and drink detox drink. My lunch is - 1 chilli, 1 brinjal without skin, 1 taofu. some rojak.
Dinner - Sinful lunch... so i only have half dragon fruit, and my detox drink later.
NGNG today just like yesterday... Means - healthy ;)

Day 7
Breakfast - Yogurt and detox drink.
Lunch - Skipped. Why? Firstly was bcoz i wasnt feeling hungry, secondly... check out my dinner you will know...
Dinner - My dear Big Bro booked 2 table at Gold Hill > Emperor Garden for his company dinner. So... no reason to escape... tried all the dishes, but every dishes one small bite. sigh....

Detox drink abt an hour later as I was really full.

Yipeeee.......... Done.
7 days of detox programme finally ended.
Special thanks to babe!!! hughug... no you no me... sob*sob*

Post Mortem
hehehe... People around me kept asking the same question since day 1...
Did u lost any weight???
Um... ok... to make it clear... this is a detox programme rather than a slimming programme. But... yes, I lost 2 kg (was 53kg b4 the detox programme and nearly 51kg now)
But i agree with babe that for anybody who eat like this will surely lost weight.
I felt good... in fact I felt that I am kind of used to the small portion I had these 7 days, that I actually can't eat so much these days.
Um... I am not very sure but i felt that i dont feel very hungry during the consuming of the product. So i guess somehow this is a good way to start as a diet plan.

I felt refresh, rejuvanate.
Unlike babe... I actually slept very well... (which I dont before that)
Skin = not so dehydrate... more supple especially face.
NGNG = Very healthy.. both color and texture ^-^

I love the feeling after the detox programme.
Yes, there's next time, plan to do it every three months ^^


babe_kl said...

*hug hug* YAY you did it too!!!! congrats.

so good to lost weight, my fren did it recently too but din loose any but clothes were looser though

anyway kung hei fatt choy to u and yr family

ah_mel said...

Thanks babe... hughug...
Ya... I was suprised that i lost weight and my clothes were looser too.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!! Dai Kar Kam Wah~ ^^

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