Friday, February 01, 2008

My 7 days detox programme with Juvanex - 1st to 4th day

I have been following babe's blog about her 7 day detox programme.
After reading so much about the advantage and good results she gained from the programme, my hear & body also feel itchy :p

Hence, I did a little reseach about the product. And finally i bought it. I am not sure if I m suppose to reveal the name of the product here but since babe didn't, so i guess i will not publish the name of the product too. I bought mine from caring, the 2nd cheapest. WHY did i say that? um... Guardian is selling for RM149 Watson RM138 Caring RM128 and Jusco One U RM127.80.
arghhh... ya... i bought the one from caring then only i found out its selling 20 cents cheaper at Jusco. sigh...
okay... back to my detox programme...
I didn't follow exactly the recommended menu as i think that the food suggestion portion is really too little for me, but i tried to follow as much as i can ...

Day 1

08.30 am
  • Breakfast - Half Dragon Fruit + Detox drink + 400ml of H2O
09.45 am
  • NGNG (so fast??!!! ya woh... ) VERY Dark faeces, a bit floating, most sinking
  • very smooth and fast, not feeling stomache or any uneasy symptom
12.00 pm
  • Lunch - Half Dragon Fruit
15.30 pm
  • plenty of water from time to time - already consume 1800ml by 3.30pm
  • was feeling a bit hungry, drink ABC soup got half potato, one whole onion, can small piece of carrot
16.55 pm
  • I kept on feeling the urge to go, so i go in try try - really got a bit
  • "NGNG" also dark one some float some sink oso.
  • Hoola hoop for 20 mins (sigh... my waist felt so pain now) but means, effective ^^
18.35 pm
  • ABC soup w less than half bowl of brown rice

19.15 pm - Detox drink
21.30 pm -Feeling a bit hungry again... sigh, had small bowl of soup, just soup... no vege...

By end of the day, I have drink about 3.5 liter water
( just felt thirsty and feel like drinking water most of the time)

Side effects:Nausea, headache, restless, sleepy, fatigue, sweat a lot, coated tongue(babe was right, the product has got a lot of mineral in it, makes u heaty, must drink a lot of water), keep on passing gas(but not smelly), and have the urge to go toilet but a friendly one ^^ no stomache yet very smooth(smell alrite, not as babe's one :p)

Day 2
10.30 am
  • Forgot to bring fruits, and i wasn't hungry, so just drink Detox drink for breakfast and plenty of water.
12.20 pm
  • NGNG - medium portion, sinking... color slightly lighter than yesterday.
13.00 pm
  • A piece of Pineapple for lunch...
15.00 pm
  • A piece of Papaya
15.20 pm
  • NGNG - light brown and some yellow, sinking
17.10 pm
  • watermelon... so sweet... yummy...
19.30 pm
  • Half bowl of brown rice w big bowl of ABC soup. and half fried egg... :P
  • (mummy loh, said left one egg, dont waste, so me n jie share one)
20.10 pm
  • Detox drink

Water consumed : around 3.8liter

Side effects: a bit nausea & headache but better than yesterday, feeling thirsty, frequent urination (luckily it's not those public toilet that charges, if not... broke)

Day 3

08.30 am
  • Yogurt & Detox drink & glass of H2O
09.00 am
  • NGNG... light brown, medium portion, sink
13.15 pm
  • Lunch - salad > capsicupm, salad leaves, alfafa sprount w sesame dressing and lemon juice

14.00 pm
  • NGNG... very light brown/ or yellow???!!! still sinking...
16.00 pm
  • itchy mouth - 1 tablesppon of sunflower n pumkin seed
18.15 pm
  • NGNG again... this time even lighter and very soft and still sinking
19.10 pm
  • NGNG, a few small pieces, also bright and soft and still sinking
  • late dinner.
  • had 3 spoon of rice, some vege, 3 bites of fish n 3 bites of chix breast n soup.
  • ( FMIL= future mother in law cook, must give face, eat a bit )
21.15 pm
  • Detox drink
22.00 pm
  • NGNG- very little, yellow.

Water consumed - 1.5 liter ( been busy whole day, didnt have time to drink water... :( )

Side effects: Felt much more better today, no more nausea or fatigue, just that my throat started to felt a bit sore, maybe because i drink less water today.
Like what babe did, I gargling salt water before going to bed. and it was better the next day.
2 small pimple pop out on forehead... sigh~

Day 4
overslept... was busy and rushing ...
not hungry, skip breakfast and totally forgot about the detox drink (ophsss....)

11.30 am
  • Lunch.
  • Couldnt resist the famous Lan Jie Spicy Steamed Fish at Rawang, so i had small portion of fish and fried kangkung (errr... sinful... )

13.00 pm
  • NGNG... portion average, color yellow, slightly watery.
  • dunno why stomach felt a bit uneasy.
13.35 pm
  • Since i skip my detox drink in the morning, so i make it afternoon and follow by H2O
13.50 pm
  • walk frm office to Jusco post office then RHB then bk to office.
  • more than 30 mins of walking. GOOD~ Sweat a lot...
15.30 pm
  • back to office and run to toilet, NGNG - small portion, mild diarrhoea
18.30 pm
  • stomache on and off... and finally... i went to NGNG.
  • Guess what??!!! mild diarrhoea, portion is big...
  • most of it floating, but my patpat felt spicy (must be the lanjie steamed fish)
20.45 pm
  • Late Dinner. Have small portion of fried rice (um ... home cooked, less oil, very light) some salad leaves ...
21.30 pm
  • Stomach still felt upset... so skip detox drink...

Water Consumed - 2 liter ( thats why my throat still felt not very well)
Side effects: errr... not that i aware... i felt nothing today except the stomache.

There goes my 4 days of detox programme, 3 more days to go... ^^
Stay tune...


Simon Seow said...

Ganbatte. I'm taking some dieting plum now, no diet to follow though. Maybe I should also follow some kind of detox diet with the plum.

From the way you describe Jusco to post office to RHB to office. I can only think of one place. Mid Valley City.

babe_kl said...

COOOL!!!!! glad you did it. darn that company shld pay me for the kind of publicity they've gotten from my blog haha... whoit fai tit post the rest and yr post mortem

ah_mel said...

simon: diet plum? wow... did u lost some weight? share with me pls...

babe: hey babe... thanks... all because of u... btw, they have such a contest that u write ur detox story n then u get another bottle for free... just throw ur blog entries to them, u will surely get it ^^

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