Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A different experience of Hakka Cuisine - Ying Ker Lou, The curve

I actually wanted to blog about New Paris Restaurant before coming to this post.
But ... afterall... i felt that there's really nothing much to share about.
Service was slow, staff were unfriendly, and duh... the dishes...
I will never go back....


Back to the main of today.
Ying Ker Lou @ The curve.

I am a big hakka cuisine fans as my mum is hakka and she cooks very good hakka dish too.
I always tried out all sort of hakka dish such as yong tao foo... hakka mee... etc.
But they are mostly at very hot and stuffy place ^^

This time, i felt a very different experince with Ying Ker Lou.
Nice ambience restaurant with friendly waiter/waitress.
Without thinking too much, me and my sister just enter the restaurant and start to look at their menu.

We ordered a ginger fried egg rice wine soup & the fried pork to share.
Drink - Japanese Green Tea.

Before I start with the dish, would like to comment on the minced garlic and the chili.
It was nicely chopped, so fresh...
And the chilli were so hot and fragrant~~~
Good job!!!

Like the chopstick holder ^^

The green tea pot were big and heavy...
There's label on the pot cover, so that you knw what tea you are drinking.

Me and sis love this gold fish tea cup... nice...

Here comes our ginger fried egg rice wine soup
There's black fungus in it too...
This version is slightly "lighter" compare to what we usually had at home.
As mum said, "outside is different, coz they are doing for business...
Unlike ours, and that makes my cooking special to u gals^^"

Yes, I think agree with mum, but i must said this lighter version taste good too,
If you are someone do not like too heavy taste, yes, you can definitely go for this.

The fried pork.
Um... This one is also very different than the usual one i had.
There're sliced into very thin slice, more crispy.
Not bad afterall.
But i would like to comment on the plating of the dish, the lettuce that serve together with the pork was very small, it doesnt really place properly and somehow spoiled the whole outlook of the dish.

The bill cames out to be around RM40 ++
Some people may think, why do I paying so much for such a dish that i could actually get outside which is more cheaper and even tastier?
But again, think about the environment & service, plus... a place like curve where you couldnt find any cheap cheap and good good traditional hakka cuisine like this, it's still worth a visit ^^

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