Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The 9th Day of CNY 拜天宫

The 9th Day of CNY, as usual we will prayed at my brother's house and have a simple supper.

Dad busy preparing...

Unlike others... our way of praying is more simple, no meat... more vege and fruits.


Assorted Kuih....

Do u know what's this?

Its call the hand of buddha (佛手)

It's belive by the chinese that it helps to grab all the $$$ and prosperity....
It's usually sell at pasar during CNY.
We bought ours from pasar pagi on CNY eve, much more cheaper.
About 20 plus per kg.
Mum said it was sold almost RM60 per kg on baitiangong day.

New Year Cake. Slurrrppp.... One of my favourite ^^

Dried Longan & lychee... yumyum....


Ready for pray....

After praying, we had yee sang that da bao earlier by my sis from gold hill.
We usually add can abalone to the yee sang.
Open the can, slightly wash the abalone, sliced it and squeeze some lemon juice on it.
Let it marinate for a while.

This year, I suggest to add sweet pear too after i tried from Peninsular Restaurant.

Look... Abalone, Sweet Pear, jellyfish...
Isn't that tempting???
And i could tell u, its really delicious~~~

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