Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peninsular Restaurant 半岛餐厅

It was the forth day of CNY, and its my FH birthday too. His parent decided to buy him a lunch as a brithday celebration for him. Too bad... A lot of shop were not open for business yet. Till we remember this place that we always went for the salt bake fish (盐焗鱼). Its somewhere nearby Batu Caves, but darling said its actually consider Sentul.

Seriously if you were to ask me to go there by myself, I think i might get lost even with map provided. But I am lucky to have darling there for me ^^

List of the available dishes... Always update ^^

(雪梨鱼生)The Snow Pear / Sweet Pear Yee Sang???!!!
hehehe... correct me if I'm wrong

Eventhough I was told that this fruti yee sang has been available in the market for quite long ago.But seriously this is my first time try it. And its good!!!

The salted egg york fried squid.
This is very very very good.
Yes, it's not healthy, high cholestrol...
But... I love squid...

The Salted Baked Fish (盐焗鱼)
The fish is so fresh!!! You can only taste the sweetness of fish with a hint of salt.
They have this special sauce to go with the fish too. Sorry forgot about to take down the sauce's pic. Its actually soy sauce with minced garlic and some lime and few drops of sesame oil.

The fish head noodle. The noodle that used is thick type.
I love the way they serve in in claypot.
It somehow added xtra point to the dish.

Lastly, broccoli w crabmeat, scallop eggwhite sauce.
Guess i do not need to say more about it.
By looking at the name, you already could imagine the taste of it. ^^

There're some interesting words or poem hang on the wall, and i thought all of them are pretty educating too ^^

I do not know the amount of the bill but i do know this restaurant charges slightly higher compare to others eventhough its not an air-con restaurant.

If you are somewhere and do not know what to eat, no harm for a try. ^^

Peninsular Restaurant 半岛餐厅
No.2A, Jalan Bullion Mewah 8,
Taman Bullion Mewah,
68100 Kuala Lumpur.
PIC - Lily Tan (012-6924371)

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Simon Seow said...

From the map, it doesn't look anything like Sentul, and the poscode is more to Batu Caves.

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