Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barbeque Plaza / BBQ Plaza, One Utama

Barbeque Plaza, New Wing, One Utama.
Date: 15 Feb 2007

Something i do not like about shopping mall's restaurant is that they close early, eg. 9.30pm or the latest 10pm. I was at One U that night and catching the 11pm show at GSC. After purchase the ticket, we were walking around to look for food since both me and my hubby haven't eaten anything for dinner. Most of the restaurant are closed or prepared to closed. Hubby and I decided to try our luck to the last option Barbeque Plaza.

We could see there're still many people in there having their meals. We went in and check out their closing time, the waiter explain to us that they will still take in customer til 10pm and they will wait for all the customer finish their meals before they close. Thats is so great~~~ So guys, remember... This is a very good option if u r waiting to catch the late nite show and dunno where to go for food.

This is not the first time i visit this restaurant. Me and hubby love it because of the Cook-it Yourself style, and we also agree that everything they serve here are so fresh. The barbeque dipping sauce is also part of the reason i

We ordered a Deluxe Supreme Set and add a salmon at the price of RM1 which the usual price is RM7.90 (well... voucher frm our previous visit ^^)

You could enjoy a free facial steaming during your waiting time ^^

Ladies and Gentlement, this is the supper Ichiban sauce that i mentioned earlier... Add some garlic and chillies, squeeze the lime juice over... stir it... trust me, u gonna fall on this ^^

Yeah... finally arrived... Check this out .. guys~ There're Vege, mushroom, beef, pork, lamb, prawn(its small but its good), pumkin, squid... (Please refer to the 2nd pic for what is include in the set.)

The RM1 Salmon ... slurrrp...

Alrite... lets start...
Oh yea, believe your eyes, thats fat... pork fat...

ok... I am starving... talk to u later..
Btw, the set actually include 2 bowl of rice too, but i was to hungry and forgot to snap the pic. sorry...

I love the restaurant not only the food but the service, the waiters and waitress are very prompt and polite. I do write a feedback form on my every visit, and i found that there're improvement on my the next visit. Good work ~

The only thing i wanted to comment is:

I saw this group of people bringing their own wine to the restaurant, they are a friend of one of the supervisor (i assume that coz his uniform color is different than others, and there're only 2 persons wearing white). I wouldnt mind that actually but i couldn't take it when the group of people start to get drunk, making noise, and even speak some vulgar words. I really hate it when seeing this "supervisor" sat down there have fun with his friends while ordering other staff to do some clean up for him. Arghhhhh..... how could he???


Jason said...

Hmm... Been to 1U a few times but never though of trying this. Will take note.

Jackson said...

my sister tried this restaurant b4 but she was complaining bout the fod quality. Who should i follow ya??? Hm...i guess i wil give them a try.

ah_mel said...

I'm sorry to hear that, yea... maybe u should jst give it a try... ^^

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