Friday, October 27, 2006


兴记肉骨茶 / Hing Kee Bakuteh
地点:Jalan Ipoh, Batu 4 1/2 KL.

Hey wassup everybody???!!! its been quite a while since my last update.
Alrite, i m gonna intro this very nice place of having bakuteh this time.
I love Bakuteh. Love the feeling when drinking the hot herbal soup frm the claypot. I have never been to the famous bakuteh place--- Klang b4, some friend told me its extremely good. While some think its jst alrite.
For me, i ll always think about this place when i wanted to eat bakuteh.
So, what makes a good bakuteh???
um... well, maybe i m not the expert, but i think a simple one makes a good one. Jst like Hing Kee ^^

久违了,非常抱歉~ 自从上一次之后,已有一段时间没更新了。


如果问我怎么样的肉骨茶好吃? 其实很简单:

~ The Chinese Teacup: soak in to superb piping hot water, keep it warm and kill bacteria too ^^
~茶杯:用热水烫过,既能杀菌,又保温︿︿ (看~水是真的热得冒烟的哦~)

油炸鬼(既油条) / yao cha kwai

豆扑 / tau fu pok

The superb hot bakuteh soup
主角上场咯~ 热腾腾的肉骨茶汤~~~~

The black or the dry one, which is the MUST TRY...

Bakuteh with corriander... yumyum...

Getting Ready??? hold on... a bowl of rice will consider PERFECT~
看,就是这样的一个碗, 才能够代得那白饭的清香和味道~

来张全家福吧~ say cheese~

hmmm... last sip of soup... i can feel that myself is sweating... and thats the best part of eating bakuteh~

Here's the contact and map of hingkee... Do drop by when u r ard Jalan Ipoh...
以下是兴记的联络电话和地点,记得咯~得空到此地一试 ︿︿



karyeong said...

ah, this one is a good place.

ah_mel said...

Yea, sure it is... Do drop by if u r some where ard there... i m sure u ll enjoy it very much~

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