Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Restoran Jing Xuan Hong Kong / 锦选香港特级点心 @ Damansara Jaya

Dim Sum Dim Sum... I love Dim Sum...
And I finally have the chance to try this famous dimsum among bloggers after my diet plan for sooooooooo long.........

It's Saturday morning.
We can see peopl Q-ing and waiting for their number to call.
I heard there's another outlet at damansara uptown now, guess that is why the Q is not as long as last time when i pass by.

Waiting time was about 15mins...
We were seated and then tea... dimsum... are served shortly.
I must said, very good service!!!

Here's our table number.

And this is what we have tried that day...
Yes, for me and Jeannie, 2 pax only :p

The Siu Mai was good...

The "流沙包" (lao sa bao) was very very good~~~
I love it soooo much!!!!

The ma lai gou.... Nice too ^^

Har Kow... MelMel all time favourite~~~~

The mussel in cream sauce... YUM, it was big and juicy~~~

Besides the above mentioned, we ordered the marmite pork ribs too.
Um, I m not a big fan for marmite pork rib, It taste good to me too.
Jeannie said the version they serve here taste better than the one at D'sara Palace.

Look... polished all...

For Add and Pricing details : Kindly refer to Jeannie's Post at - http://oceanuswonderland.blogspot.com/2009/08/damansara-jaya.html

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