Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1 Stop Cafe @ Jalan Ipoh

My first visit to 1 stop cafe was with hubby and his family.
Pretty happy with the food so I brought mum and sis here again, and also a chance for me to snap some pics for my blog since i forgot to bring my camera previously.

A open air cafe... could be quite warm in noon.

Mum and I ordered Pumpkin Beancurd & Red Bean Beancurd to share.
Price: RM2.50 for one
Taste good, but I still think it's a lil too sweet to my liking.

Sis had a mixed juice drink call Digestive Tonic

Sandwich Sushi Roll RM3.60
Very nice... The concept is exactly like sushi but instead of rice they replace it with bread.
While the fillings are cucumber, carrot and tuna.
Mum loves this.

Tortilla RM3.50
YUM~~~ I loves this~
Maybe because I am a tortilla and wrappo lover.
And the filling is actually mushroom...
Imagine it's piping hot when you put inside your mouth...

Nasi lemak with mutton RM6.80
6/10 I dont know, could be the sambal or the rice...
It's lack of something...

Liquor Seafood Loh Mee RM10.80
hehe... a little expensive, but i guess its worth to try...
um, by judging the portion of the liquor they pour in and also the seafood...
Sorry was hungry... only snap one pic of the loh mee ^^

Fried Pumpkin Cake RM3
Another star of the day.
They made it into a shape like pumpkin, and when u bite it, it was so crunchy and sweet of pumpkin taste... But beware... as it's really hot... I actually cut it to half and let it cool down a while before letting mum eat...

Sis also dabao kaya roll which was packed nicely in a box.

And there comes our bill...
RM46.45 include tax.

P/S: I forgot to mention they serve complimentary daily soup, um... but you could ignore that one... tasteless or rather a ajinomoto soup ^^
A good place with nice food especially snacks...
Will definitely come back again though the service is just average.
1 Stop Cafe
No 2 , Jalan Balam, Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-40426880
Business Hours: 11am to 11pm


J said...

Wah, the prices look really decent for KL area! :)

mel^^mel said...

J, yea... really not bad... go try out if u r around that area...

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