Saturday, October 25, 2008

Restoran Chinese Cuisine / 古味坊小食馆 @ Manjalara Kepong

Arghhh... I have so many photos in my laptop that waiting for me to blog.
All because of my laziness.
Guess I should blog about this restaurant before i forget about the details about this place.
This little chinese restaurant is located at Manjalara Kepong, same row as Block House, Green Town, Niji sushi and nearby D'licious Hot Pot Restaurant.

We were there for family dinner.

The Menu

The Menu was pretty extensive.

The deco of the restaurant was rather oriental.

Chinese Tea

It's feature in some local newspaper before.
Wow... I didn't know that ^^

We were serve with a small glass of Dragon Fruit Enzyme (FOC)
Purpose is for us to taste, it was good.
But RM60 for a bottle, kind of expensive. -_-

My nephew loves the enzyme.

Ok... Our First Dish - Kung Pao Style Century Egg
Taste special, my first time having century egg this way.
Well, Kung Pao and Century egg, both my favourite...
What do u think ? RM6.90

Next... Braised Mutton in Soya Sauce RM12.90
Not bad too... the mutton was tender ~~~

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet RM7.90
Nice... Very appetising ...

Stir-Fried vege with macadamia nuts
Macadamia nuts ???
Perfect ~

Um... I dont really remember the name of the dish
Obviously it's beancurd ^^
Some kind of braised bean curd, price ard RM8-RM9
It was good too ^^

The braised fish with dried bean curd
(Now u know how much my family loves about fish and bean curd :p)
Um... taste not bad but i think i always prefer steamed fish ^^

Well, Over all experience was good.
I took the card from their counter, and found out that it is related to Niji Sushi next to it.
Hmmm... not bad... I tried Niji sushi once before when they just open,
Not a very good experience as most of the thing i wanted were not available.
But I wouldnt mind for a second time since I had a good one here.
Impressive ^^

Map & Add - To be update.


mimid3vils said...

Initially 1 2 try this that day but they closed so send uo at D'licious Hotpot lor ~~ :)

mel^^mel said...

mimi, haha.. both of us were not lucky enuff ya...
nvm... there's always next time ;>

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