Monday, August 18, 2008

D'licious Hot Pot Restaurant / 别不同台湾小吃馆

Rainy day again...

Cooling day makes me craving for something soupy and hot.

Moreover, I am kind of down...
(dont ask me why, could be monday blue, could be something else)

So... Good food is a MUST to cheer me up...

After my suggestion, my fellow colleague agree and visit this taiwanese restaurant.

I love the environment here, simple and warm.
And u know what?
Everytime I enter this restaurant I just feel like chinese new year ^^

The bar where they prepare drinks.

Cold Drip Coffee "machine"
Love the Cold Drip Coffee... Must Try!

Check out the Menu...
THe Hot Pot are the signature dishes here.

My all time favourites are:
Healthy Juice - mixture of egg, orange juice and honey.
Ai Yue Jelly - Jelly with hint of lemon and honey.
Cold Drip Coffee

Our Drinks are here :
Cold Drip Coffee (RM5.90) & Passion Fruit Drink (RM2.90)

D'licious House Tea (RM1.50)

Ice Jasmine Tea (RM3.90)

They sprinkle some tea powder on top. Beautiful...

Cute bowl ^^

heyhey... The Hot Pots are here...

The "Sha Cha" Hot Pot (RM13.90)

The Malak Hot Pot. (RM13.90)

Dong Bo Meat Noodles (RM8.90)

Taiwanese Sausage (RM9.90)

Fried Salad Prawn Dumpling (RM8.90)

Sooooooooooo Gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy Yum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I highly recommend this place to all of u...

61G, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Manjalara, 52200 KL.
P.I.C: K.C.Chong
HP: +6016 683 6888
Fax: +603 6272 4492


immerever said...

Neat! Food&drink are cheap too.
I really appreciate price tags by the photos.

Your blog's theme is so attractive, so I come back.

In fact, I was very impressed so I am thinking to imitate the theme.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

ling239 said...

the hot pots look good !
thanks for sharing ~ ^_^

ck said...

yummy...will go to try...

mimid3vils said...

Tried once long time ago, it's time to revisit~~ The TW sausages 2 pcs for RM 9.90, too pricey lah =.="

Su-Yee said...

OMG! your blog makes me soooooo hungry! and thanks for commenting in my blog:)

ah_mel said...

immerever, thanks. dont say copy... it;s jst simple theme that anybody could think of, looking foward for ur new theme ^^

ling239, yes... its really good... do give a try if you are ard Kepong.

CK, hey, u said u added me in msn, how come din see u? go try... i swear u gonna like it.

mimi, um... yes a lil pricey but it taste good i like~ their version not too oily.

Su-yee, u r welcome, u had a great blog too~ ^^

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