Monday, August 18, 2008

Restaurant Vegetarian Soon Tet / 顺德素食馆 @ Kepong Desa

My B/dated post on 15th Aug

Vegetarian day Dinner.
Cooling evening after the rain.

Me and hubby went to this hidden gem somewhere near desa pasar Kepong.

What are we having?

IT's vegetarian bakuteh ^^

I love herbal soup and thats the reason i like bakuteh.
But sometimes i just felt a bit sick with so much meat in the claypot.

This version is definitely good for those who are boring with the usual bakuteh.
A lighter version w more vege, mushrooms, fuzhuk.... and some mock meat.

The menu explain about the ingredients and herbal they used in the soup.

We order a medium size pot and add enoki mushroom.
Hubby ordered the yam rice while me having the normal white rice.

Here it is, the piping hot pot of vegetarian bakuteh.

The Yam Rice

My White Rice (super big)

Like the spoon ^^

I am sorry i should have taken a few shot of different ingredients in the pot but i was too hungry... Next time k...

Til then... Makan !!!

Total bill: Ard Rm23 include a pot of chinese tea.

Restaurant Vegetarian Soon Tet
Add: No19, Jalan 14, Desa Jaya Kepong, 52100 KL.


mimid3vils said...

they use mock meat?

ah_mel said...

mimi, yes mock that is make by flour i guess... but wat i really fancy is the soup, very light yet fragrant ^^

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