Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jakes' Charbroil Steaks, Medan Damansara

Belated Birthday celebration with dad as he wasnt feeling well last week.
We were scratching head where to go for good steaks...
And finally decided to go for Jake's Charbroil Steaks, after reading some good comment from blogger and also from friends.

We arrived around 6 plus in the evening.
We were welcome by friendly staff and then seated.

Our very first time here.Environment was okay. But we felt the temperature is a lil warm.

We took a while to look through the menu and then place order.
The lady who took down our order was rather "robotic" and lack of smile.

Well, anyway... back to the food.
We ordered Mexican Nachaos and Fresh Oyster for the appetiser.
Sirloin steak, lamb steak, charbroil chicken, fish and a beef burger for the main.
Beers for dad and hubby, watermelon juice for me and sis, starfruit juice for mum.

The Menu

Guide on Lamb basic cuts

There have quite a few options for the beef and lamb

The Mexican Nachaos was Good!!! (RM 16.90)

But Sis said she prefers TGIF's version.

Half Dozen of Large Oyster (RM53.90)

Pretty big, but taste wise i think shangri-la Lemon Garden's were better.

Dad's USA Sirloin 200g (RM88)
Um... we were kind of dissapointed w the steak.
It was not bad but we were expecting more than that.

Sis Beef burger (RM20.90)

My Australian Seabass (RM56)
Fresh... Nicely done... I love it....

Mum's Charbroiled Chicken Drumstick (RM20.90)

Hubby's herb marinate lamb steak

2 thumbs up!!! (RM39.90)

Dad's was happy as he didn't know we are singing bday song for him~
And he was kind of shy as this is his first time, didnt expect the waiter & waitress will sing him bday song ^^

Ophsss... the glass blocked the lil piece of brownies.

Here. Closed up.
Um... sis love it ... but a lil too sweet for my liking.

A small gift from the staff.

Total Damage: RM402.95 inclusice of taxes.
Overall rating: 7/10


Phew... Home w satisfied stomach. Nite...


Lonely Paul said...


mimid3vils said...

The steak look good enough to make me drooling~~

Simon Seow said...

Haven't been to Jake's before. Will try it one day as an alternate to Victoria Station and The Ship.

ck said...

i feel very hungry by looking at the photos...very tempting man...

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