Friday, January 04, 2008

Lemon Garden, Shangri-la, KL

Wassup everybody???!!!
Did u had a great holiday???
I went to Lemon Garden, Shangri-la KL with my family on Xmas eve for buffet dinner.
Yep, obviously this post is about the food i had at Lemon Garden.

So, what's my comment on this famous, one of the best buffet place in town?

Well, If you are there for the oyster & scallop, you are at the right place.
Both Oyster & scallop were so fresh and big. Especiall the scallop, slurrrp...
I had 5 oyster and 3 scallop, yummy!!! 2 thumbs up...

okay... um... what else?
The chocolate fountain~
The sate were good too, taste like those i had on board Singapore Airline ^^.
Beef was not bad, yes, the sashimi are acceptable too.

Other than that, i am actually a lil dissapointed.
I am not sure how this place usually like, but for that day the tables & seats are arranged very close towards each table. It was kind of cramped, and i dont really feel comfortable.

Move on to the food, the crab & crayfish were not very fresh.
The lamb was over cook, the cakes are not good either, not sure about the brand of the ice cream but i really dont wanna comment about it, the replenishment of the fruits are slow, that i have to go for few rounds only get my cherrie.

well well well, yea... negative more than positive.

I am thinking, maybe it's xmas eve, just like most of the restaurant, the service and the quality of the food are expected to be not so good.

um... but we paid RM135(not inclusive of tax yet) per person, for this?

What can i say?

Visit album below for more pics.

Lemon Garden


yammylicious said...

awww.. so delicious! the scarllop look so bigggggggggggggggg!~

happies new year gal!

Simon Seow said...

long time never been to Lemon Garden already. Missed the chocolate fountain and appetizer shot.

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