Thursday, May 27, 2010

oohhh~ Xiao Fei Yang - 噢~小肥羊...

I am sure most of you already know about Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat.
But no, I am not posting about this Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat Restaurant at Pudu or Damansara Uptown.

This post is about Xiao Fei Yang convenient ingredient pack that a friend got back for me from China. Yes, it's like a instant noodle, where you have all the flavouring and others ingredient in it for you to prepare your steamboat.

And because of this I had steamboat for few nights in a week
(Did i mentioned that I am a big fan of steamboat? ^^)
Hubby got so sick of steamboat after that :p

This is how the packing look like, the green is clear soup while the red is malak.

There're directions on how to prepare the soup.

I used a small kampung chicken to boil soup as a soup base.

This is what inside the packing, some flavoring powder, butter, herbs, wolfberries (keichi) etc.
You will need to prepare your own green onions, ginger and garlic.
I added additional ingredient such as red dates, extra wolfberries, a few piece of dangui and dried longan.

After mixing everything together, and let it boiled for a while, you are ready to start the steamboat ^^ (Note: I didnt use up all the flavoring powder as I was told that it could turn very salty, so i added a bit by a bit... to the taste I am comfortable with)

Ta da... That's my first DIY Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat night with my buddies...

Beef and Beef and Lamb slice i got from Juco, mock sharkfin, tofu, prawn, mushroom, vege...
Self marinated passionfruit papaya pickle, DIY fermented beancurd sauce (fermented beancurd + sesame oil), Mum's homemade garlic chilli,

After the first and 2nd experience with the clear soup, I am so eager to try out the malak one.
So here I am, ready for the 3rd round :p

The preparation and the ingredient in the packing is about the same, but the malak one has dried chilli and chilli oil in it. I am sorry I was too excited and forgot to take down pic of the ingredient in it.
It was a great night for malak steamboat, it was raining... and my condo here is breezy and cooling.

There it is, my malak steamboat... I added extra cili padi :p
Same thing, I didnt add all the flavouring powder and chilli oil.

Fish paste, bacon, prawn, spring roll... ( that's what i have in my fridge -_-)
Mushroom + vege

Besides the fermented beancurd sauce, i bought a crispy prawn chilli sambal, forgot to take pic of it, will take it and upload later. And we had Super Skol beer to end the night ^^

1. Both clear and malak soup is not as good as those in the restaurant, yea... after all its a instant one. And i found that extra ingredient like keichi, dried longan etc are needed in order to make the soup more flavourful.

2. The malak soup taste better than the clear soup ^^
Hmmm... I hope you enjoy my DIY XFY experience with me ~~~
and for that...

I have 2 packet of xfy instant pack (1 clear & 1 malak) to giveaway.

How? Post your comment, and tell me what flavour you want, and I will contact you later for details. In case there's only one person reply, then he or she gets both 2 pack. Nobody reply? -_-!!! then i ll keep it for my next steamboat dinner ~

Closing Date? Sunday, 6th June 2010

Hope to hear from you soon ~


Anonymous said...

what is the price for one pack sell in china? Thanks.

mel^^mel said...

hi, I cant really remember the price but i think its less than RM10 per pack ^^

stepfanie said...

hi, i have been searching high and low for this! absolutely love it! do you know where can i buy it? i used to buy it from australia when i study there and got my fren to help me buy from australia LOL. hope to hear from you soon.

mel^^mel said...

Stepfanie, my sincere apologies for late reply. I got mine from friend in china and my sis in usa. So sad as I have not seen anywhere in msia selling this. So each time I ll just have to wait for friends and sis back to msia and bring back some for me.

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