Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goong Korean Rice Cake, Cold Storage, The Garden.

Happened to passby cold storage and found these colorful rice cake, lovely sales lady let me and Jeannie try each of them. Sooooooooo Good... Yes, because its not sweet, it doesnt taste like what it looks. We were told by the lady that these are make from rice powder, pumkin, sweet potatoes and sesame. Besides, the sweetness that we taste were the natural sweetness and a lil of honey added in it. Sound so healthy right?

Jeannie and I couldnt resist, And we bought 4 boxes to share :p
Can't really remember the price, All of them here cast about RM35.

OK... my opinion is... I love the yellow color one, which is the pumplin the most... love the fluffy texture and also the pumkin filling in it...
If you love something like mochi ... u you prefer something not too sweet...
Please try this, ^^


thule a.k.a leo said...

never been to Cold Storage at Solaris before!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for helping promote... :)

we are now sell online -->

n we are going to solaris soon... :)

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