Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kimchi DIY

Ha... As I mentioned previously...
I wanna make kimchi.
I am a super kimchi lover.
To have my own box of kimchi at refrigerator just take out and eat anytime I feel like eating is really great.

Before I start this, would like to share a link - where i got my guide making kimchi.
Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi
This is one of the most detailed korean food guide i found from the web.
Everythings come with pictures, sample, explanation and even video.
So if you are interested to know more about korean food or cooking korean food,
do visit this site.

Making Kimchi

Below are ingredients needed according to Maangchi,
but i change some since i couldnt get some of them.

Cabbage, radish, salt, glutinous powder (can't get the mochiko powder mentioned in her blog), sugar, water, Korean hot pepper flakes, fish sauce, Onion (i used the local one, cant get the white one), garlic, ginger, green onions / leeks, Chives / spring onion.

I didn't use oyster as its not cheap and not easy to get.

My ingredients i have prepared....

A big cabbage i got from one of the Korean mart yesterday at "Korean Village", Ampang.
But not as big and as beautiful as Maangchi's one :(

Cut half...

Nice ... ^^

Clean it w water gently, cut through the core but not all, so that the leaves are still intact.

Next... you will need some salt, I use the local salt which can get frm any convenient shop.
(Sea salt is more expensive ^^)

Sprinkle the salt on cabbage layer by layer,
The stem should get more salt than leaf part according to maangchi.
(I missed that out and i felt that my kimchi turns out to be slightly bland for the stem part)
Set it aside.

Next, will be the radish.
Jeannie and sis dont really fancy radish, so i only get one.
A rather small one.

Wash and peel the skin.

Cut into cubes. Size according to your preference.
I prefer it to be smaller. Easy to bite ^^

Keep radish in a bowl. I kept the leaves too.

Ok... This is the funny part.
The moment i grab this i thought i grabbed cucumber.
But I just realize that it is not, its zucchini *--* shamed~
Since that... I ll jst use it.
Same as radish, u wash... and cut it to the size you prefer.

The green onions / leeks.

Chives / Spring Onion, clean and cut.

Okay... add the cut zucchini together with radish,
Sprinkle with salt. Leave it. f

2 hours later,
turn the cabbage pieces over same goes to radish & zucchini for them to salted evenly.

Another 2 hours later, wash and rinse cabbages & radish.
Squeeze a little for water to drain off from leaves.

The total salting process is 4 hours.
While waiting...
Get prepare for other ingredients.

Chives & leeks, cut and set aside.

Ginger, onions & garlics.

Prepare the kimchi sauce.

First prepare the porridge.
I used 3/4 quarter cup of glutinous rice flour, add 3 cups of water.

Stir and let it mix well before heating it.

Then cook under medium low heat while stirring constantly.

It will gets thicker and when you see there's some bubbles popping up,
add 1/4 cup of sugar, stir and let it mix well.
Remove from heat and let it cool down.

Get Hot pepper powder.

I used 2 cups of hot pepper powder.

add into the porridge that has already cool down.

hmmm... beautiful~~~

Stir and mix.

One and half cup of fish sauce (i added more since I didnt use shrimp paste or oyster)

Fish sauce (there're many others brand, the thai's version is fine too)

Blend ginger + Onions + garlics + fish sauce in blender
Add to the the mixture previously ( porridge + Hot pepper powder)

Stir well.

Add spring onion, leeks and shreded radish to the paste..
taste it... add salt or sugar if its necessary.

And we are ready to spread the paste ^^

Remember to wear your gloves, ophssss...
I dont have one, so i use a brand new plastic bag and secure with rubber band on my hand.
( smart girl blink blink~;> )

Beautiful Kimchi .... Smell good too ^^

Same goes to the radish (kaktugi)

and zucchini

Put them into container.

Arrange it nicely ...

You may noticed that some of my kimchi are in small pieces.
I actually cut them before the salting process.
Coz i wasnt sure if i have such big containers to keep the whole cabbage.

And i find it very convenient as it save the hassle of taking out and cut,
mess free
jst take out frm container and ready to serve.

You can eat the kimchi rightaway,
or leave it at room temperature
(somewhere cooler and let it fermented for a day before putting into fridge.

The fermented kimchi will smell a little sour and
you will see bubbles with some liquids

That's me in my pyjamas finishing up(embarrased ... )

hmmm... Tasting time...
a plate of freshly made kimchi, and a bowl of brown rice.

See ya~~~


mimid3vils said...

Quite a lot of steps to make this kimchi, I scare "ma fan" lah.... lazy me :P

Simon Seow said...

Ah, Winnie the Pooh.

mel^^mel said...

mimi,yea... really a lot of steps... but very fun... going to make second batch this weekend.

Simon, *^^* yes... winnie the pooh~

ai wei said...

wa... u made kimchi! how's it taste? it looks really good to me. YUM

mel^^mel said...

almost finished, and going to make second batch... so far everybody like it, and no food poisoning case :p

immerever said...

Wow.. looks good!
how did fermentation go?
By the way, do you know that best kimchi stew(soup) comes from kimchi that is way too fermented; to a degree it is too sour to eat!

mel^^mel said...

immerever, very well, i left it at room temperature for one day... then keep in the fridge, in fact i have jst make second batch, but a lil too salty this time, plan to keep it for kimchi stew ^^ thanks for ur advice!

cassie said...

hi:) thanks for the pics..really helps:)

qn. are u sure we're suppose to use oyster sause and only if we don't have then use fish sause??:)

mel^^mel said...

Dear cassie, no, u must use fish sauce. I am not sure if i have typo error in the post, what i meant is fresh oyster not oyster sauce. If you check maangchi's link you will understand she actually added fresh oyster in her kimchi paste. and thru my reasearch i found out that some ppl add shrimp paste too. As I do not have both oyster and shrimp paste, I added more fish sauce, anyway... try taste it... make sure u didnt add too much ^^

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