Thursday, November 01, 2007

One Utama Oktober Fest - RM1 for Beer!!!

hey people~~~ Wassup???
Thanks to Jason and Jackson, I miss u guys a lot too.
But i never forget you guys ya, i visit your blog at least once a week ^^

um... still busy...

But since i have some time now, just wanna share some pics i snap last week.
It's One U Oct Fest 2007. Received newsletter from one card.
OMG!!!! RM1 for Beer???!!!
Are u serious?

Come on, cheap beers and food, what r we waiting for???

Arrived ard 5pm on 28th Oct, sunday.
The function was held at rainforest. It was so crowded, we quickly join the queue, afraid that we wont be able to get the cheap beer as there're only offer 1000 bottle per day. The queue was long, but it doesnt take very long time for us to wait. Finally, we got our beer. Grab some food, find a table, and enjoying the performance.

Beer was good, so refreshing, so worth it~~~ ^-^

It was great, and i am so surprised that this is already the 3rd year One U held this event.

Will definitely visit again next year ~

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