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大长今韩式烧烤 / Dae Jang Gum Korean BBQ

大长今韩式烧烤 / Dae Jang Gum
Address: 15 Jalan 1/4, Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8061 2160

Please refer to KY's blog for the Map / 地图请参考 KY的部落

It was 27th of Oct, a day before my birthday. Me and my hubby was scratching head to find a place to celebrate my birthday, but we couldnt make up our mind til we read
KY's blog about this korean BBQ Restaurant which own by the mother of another blogger Hayanna's. Ok, so finally we decided to try out some korean food this time.
十月二十七日, 我生日的前一天,哈比和我在头痛到哪儿庆祝我的大日子, 一直到我们读到KY's的部落,关于另一位blogger --- Hayanna's 的妈咪所开的韩式烧烤店。我们终于决定了试一试韩国餐~

We arrived the restaurant around 8 o'clock. A warm welcome from the waiter standing at the entrance, the environment is pretty comfortable, clean & neat, ventilation & temperature in the restaurant was just nice too.
我们大概八点抵达了目的地。门口的侍应亲切地欢迎我们, 店里的环境好舒服,好干净。

We were seated and given a menu.
okay... obviously we were not very sure what to order, but we would definitely wanted to try the marinated beef as recommended by KY. After a while another guy came to approach us and recommend us on what we could order. I must said it was very kind of him for doing that, we finally ordered the marinated beef for the BBQ(RM40), kimchi soup with dumpling(small-RM50), and lemon soju (RM23) for the drink.
坐下以后,我们便开始看看菜单上有什么好吃的。可是,看来看去,都拿不定主意。另一位先生看见了,便前来像我们做了一番简介与介绍。 最后,我们点了特制腌牛肉来烧烤(RM40),小的泡菜饺子汤(RM50), ,还有韩国烧酒(RM23)~

The waiting time wasnt very long, we were serve with lots of side dishes while the waiter is preparing the BBQ beef for us. 等待的时间不太久,在等待的同时侍应给我们端上了许多小菜, 丰富极了~

Ok, yes, we did order the marinated beef, but i dunno somehow maybe there's miscommunication, so end up we got the fresh sirloin, we didnt wanna make the trouble to change, so we just take it, its good though. The waiter was kind enuff to girll the meat for us, and he suggested us to have our beef medium done, yes, it really taste good, so tender and juicy. I would highly recommend anybody who wanted to try it have it medium done, coz i found that the well done beef are a bit dry and tough.

看看~鲜美多汁的牛肉片。 呃。。。没错,我们点的应该是腌牛肉, 不过不是为什么端上来的是鲜的, 可能是一些小误会吧,我们也不想太麻烦了,就要了那份鲜牛肉。 当然,我们并没后悔啦~侍应先生告诉我们牛肉五分熟是最美味的,还替我们做烧烤的部分,我们就轻松地等吃^^
五分熟的牛肉真的好鲜嫩多汁,反而全熟的有点干, 味道也没那么好。

The exhaust funnel 有抽烟机哦~这样衣服就不会有臭味了。

hmmm... the beef is ready to serve~ 开动咯~~~

A lot of side dishes 好多的小菜哦~

The Kimchi soup with dumpling  热腾腾的泡菜饺子汤~~~

Drinking hot kimchi soup makes me feel good, really good ~ 好好喝哦,好暖~尤其在这样的下雨天~

The dumpling... yummy~ (the filling of the dumpling are minced beef and pork)

The Korean Rice Cake, i love this...  韩式年糕~QQ的~好吃!!!

KimChi... my favourite kimchi~~~ 我最爱的泡菜~

The Soju (Korean wine).
The Guy who recommended us to try the soju afraid its a bit too strong for us, so he suggested us to have the soju with lemon, not bad... taste like vodka. but not as strong as vodka.

烧酒 - 侍应先生担心我们喝不惯,所以为我们加了柠檬,味道不错哦,喝起来像伏特加。

CHeers~~~ 干杯!!!

Complimentary fruits---watermelon. so sweet, so fresh, so cooling~~~

We were so full... in fact we couldnt finished the kimchi soup, there're still a lot of dumpling left... so i guess it is better to get 3 or 4 person to go with the dinner like KY did, so that u get to try out more dishes from the menu. The dinner cost us RM118.65 including the tax. We then walked out from the restaurant with a happy and satisfy smile.

我和哈比都吃得很饱, 泡菜汤还剩下好多教子呢~ 下次有兴趣去的朋友, 应该多带几个人,那么一来就不会浪费食物, 也可以多点几样,像KY和朋友那样,^^



KY said...

glad that you like the place!

ah_mel said...

yea, thank u... there're so many places that u mentioned in ur blog i wanted to go, must try all one day ^^ thanks for sharing all da good food places.

hayanna said...

heh..this is hayanna.
thanks for visiting.
should have told me earlier then i could arrange some discount :)
glad u liked it.thanks ya!

Anonymous said...

A great detail description of food, particularly with selfexplainatory photoes inserted, and further explained with mandarin , great job , keep it up, man.........

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